Sep 6, 2020 • 51M

e30/ Futurish podcast is DEAD, long live

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Join Gerhard and Pete as they sit down to talk about topics ranging from culture, technology, product design, startups and life in the digital age, whilst they try to maintain some sort of credibility. Drinks will be drunk, long-distance bromance will be maintained and who knows, you might learn something from it.
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Join us for our last Futurish podcast episode (for now) as we have decided to try a new format in order to be even closer to our community. Besides the announcement of our new format, we talk about how the movie industry is facing new challenges and how it has changed over the last decade. Then we share some mindful thoughts about our journey so far, what we have learned and why we think we don’t know ourselves at all.

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As always, relax and tune in for some Futurish time with Pete and Gerhard. <3